Schedule an initial appointment with our licensed acupuncturists. This first appointment is required for all patients new to acupuncture services at our clinic even if you have been a patient for other services.  

  • An initial intake involves a thorough intake, history, and physical examination to conclude a TCM diagnosis. The acupuncture treatment is included in the first visit. $139 (student and veteran discounted rate $129)

  • Follow-up frequency will be recommended by your acupuncturist depending on the severity of your case. Acupuncture works best when treatments are consistent. Follow-up will consist of a brief check-in before your treatment. $69 (student and veteran discounted rate $59)

Herbal Oils

Naturopathic Medicine

Schedule an initial appointment with a naturopathic doctor. This first appointment is required for all clients new to naturopathic services at our clinic even if you have been seen by another practitioner. 

  • The initial intake is a comprehensive and detailed 60-minute visit where the doctor will listen to your concerns, review any lab work, collect a detailed history and make a health plan. $350 (student and veteran discount rate $332)

  • Follow-up duration depends on the individual case and ranges from 30-60 minutes. The doctor will assess progress, discuss labwork, adjust recommendations and enhance your health plan. $150-$300 (student and veteran discount rate $142-285)


Our FAQs


Do you accept insurance?

No, NJ Integrative Health Center does not accept insurance for any services.

Is acupuncture painful?

Acupuncture is done using hair-thin needles, most people report feeling minimal pain. The needles are inserted at specific points for healing and can produce a momentary sensation of pressure or ache.

How can I afford integrative medicine without insurance?

Since we do not accept insurance and believe in the amazing benefits of our services, we keep affordability in mind for our cash-pay alternative medicine services.

Are there any side effects and who can benefit from your treatments?

  • Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Modalities are safe and effective for a variety of concerns. Licensed acupuncturists at NJ Integrative Health Center are gentle, experienced, and competent practitioners. Minor side effects can include soreness, bruising and cupping marks that should resolve in a few days.

  • Naturopathic modalities are gentle and non-toxic and typically have few to no side effects. The doctors at NJ Integrative Health Center are trained extensively in herb-drug interactions, so you can be assured that they will make careful and informed recommendations for you.